Products and Accelerators

Adanto products and software solutions accelerate custom application development via its reusable, extendable components and flexible development, testing, and automation tools.

Adanto Hub

Adanto 'Omni-Channel eCommerce Hub' Our Adanto world-class team has developed an out-of-the-box solution that automates back-end systems & eCommerce channels to enable fast & easy sell for small & mid-sized enterprises so they can focus on your customers, not technology. Adanto Hub offers bullet-proof, fast, flexible on or off-prem cloud-based solutions that will deliver memorable customer experiences, streamline operational efficiency, and unlock new potential in the hyper-growing Digital Commerce.

Adanto AI Chatbot

Adanto 'AI Chatbot' With AI-powered Adanto's first Robotic Hyper-automation solution any size business can scale their operations and extend relationships with their customers without growing overhead - virtually for free. Adanto AI Chatbot enables support and user engagement services around the clock with 24/7 availability, scaling up and down handling of client demands at virtually no cost.

Adanto Data Analytics Platform

Adanto 'Data Analytics Platform' The data lake-based ecosystem of services and technologies that needs to perform analysis on complex, structured and unstructured, dynamic big data that allows clients to retrieve, combine, interact with, explore, and visualize or predict data for various purposes a company might have.

Why us


Transformed Products

Delivered new revenue generating products and services that were better tailored to customers’ individual and immediate needs, while leveraging our technology, delivery methods and global locations advantage to achieve this at very comepetetive prices.


Optimized Operations

Defined, built, managed and maintained mobile-first, cloud-based, serverless platforms for our customes with agility and scale to capitalize on new markets, geographies, ecosystems and business models while substantlally reducing costs.


Empowered Employess

Democratized and simplified access to a digital workspace for the employees of our clients, enabling unified, consistent, efficient and empowering expierience equally for all to access systems, services, data and applications from anywhere.



Helped aquire, engage and retain millions of customers as part of an ongoing practice of our clients’ anticipating their customers’ needs and keeping in touch with them to foster lasting relationships, loyalty and hence, business growth.