Application for the global sales force powered by the NLP Data Science-algorithm

Robert Half

Adanto markedly improves the productivity of sales and marketing teams at the global leader in the Professional Staffing field by delivering targeted real-time leads via a powerful, yet simple-to-use enterprise application to their mobile or PC device of choice.


  • Sales teams dissatisfaction with the leads process, lead quality and lead management.
  • Very poor sales productivity as measured by the sales effectiveness index.
  • Non-standard individual lead generation activity leading to poor quality, wasted time
  • Stagnant quarterly revenue and market share loss to niche players
  • Hard to find information while on-the-go
  • Complexity.


  • The Profile Writer application installation package
  • Quill Data Science App connector
  • Sovren connector
  • S3Bucket connector
  • RDS connector
  • Amazon connector
  • SHIM connector
  • SHIM services implementation
  • Positive final security remediation report

Services performed

Data Science

Data Analytics & Business Intelligence

Data Warehousing

Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence

Natural Language Processing

Web & Mobile Apps


Custom Application Development



Infrastructure Services

Administration Services

Azure Cloud

Key goals

  • Improve lead conversion rate by 30%
  • Establish more predictable and more sustainable profitable revenue growth
  • Empower sales and marketing while on-the-go
  • Significantly Improve Sales Effectiveness, Sales Productivity, and Sales Satisfaction

  • Deliver targeted, hot leads to the right sales specialist in a simple form, at the time of need   
  • Technologies used

    • C#/.Net Application Framework
    • Enterprise SOA Platform
    • SOA-connected external services (i.e. AWS)
    • Natural Language Processing algorithms for data correlation and analytics of many file formats (*.pdf, *.rft, *.doc, *.txt)
    • Amazon AWS Cloud


    • Improved sales leads process – overnight
    • Improved sales productivity, marketing effectiveness and job satisfaction
    • With time, gradual improvement in top line revenue growth.

    The main challenge in reaching the requested objective of getting accurate leads for sales personnel was building an accurate and repeatable analytics engine capable of teaching itself and improving its results over time, for data was not stable, of very different formats, with different sizes, and with a different meaning altogether. Therefore, before analysis and results were delivered, the engine had to be capable of data cleansing, data extrapolation, data refresh, and data updates with the most recent field changes. Data needed to be auto-updated to fill the missing fields correlated its meaning with existing external sources, and compare with the history of similar uses.