Welcome to Adanto, where Accelerating Digital Transformation for clients is our daily passion!

About us

Adanto is a global professional software services and solutions company, incorporated in Delaware, serving clients in North America, the United Kingdom, and the European Union from its eight global locations.

For over a decade, since its founding in 2009, Adanto professionals have been delivering flexible, agile, and cost-optimized Adanto Data, App and Cloud Services, cutting-edge, reliable, and proven Adanto Technology, with Industry-specific Adanto Solutions – all with a singular goal to Accelerate Digital Transformation for our clients.

Over the years, Adanto’s relentless focus on customer satisfaction and its specific market segment experience allows our engineers, consultants, and management to stay ahead of the constantly evolving marketplace, hedge against transitional forces in specific segments, or prepare for outright game-changing transformations of entire industries.

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Our Mission

Our Promise

Our Values

Why Us?

Our vision & mission

  • Everything is technology-driven
  • Digital Platforms are ubiquitous, at the core of every business.
  • In a Digital Economy, every business is in the software business.

Adanto’s mission is to accelerate client transformation to this new digital reality and radically improve their business performance, or in some cases, just ensure their survival from digital Darwinism, through very innovative, cloud-based, mobile-first, and data-driven software solutions.

Adanto collaborates with clients to accelerate their software-driven innovation and help them become high-performance digital businesses on their road to game-changing digital transformation.

Long-term client relationship

In the last 10 years since our inception, Adanto has helped many clients, from large enterprises to small startups across many verticals: Banking, FSI, FinTech to Professional Services, Technology, Print & Publishing, Retail, Manufacturing, Media, or Healthcare in envisioning then planning and executing their digital transformation.

Many of our clients are with us since the beginning, and for many years. Perhaps because Adanto is always focused is on the long-term, constantly growing, deep relationships that blossom into powerful partnerships, rather than a discrete one-time transaction between a client and its provider.

Our promise

  • To democratize all enterprise assets so they can be utilized to their full potential.
  • To free new value that is trapped in the old, legacy systems.
  • To enable business self-sufficiency, automation and do-it-yourself capabilities.
  • To allow independently adopt hot apps, add latest devices, access desired channels, or connect to awesome services for customers, suppliers or employees – on demand.

We strive to maintain the open culture often associated with startups, in which everyone is a hands-on contributor and feels comfortable sharing ideas and opinions about any number of company issues. Our offices will be designed to encourage interactions between Adantos within and across teams and to spark conversation about work as well as play.

Our Values

We respect each other professionally and personally and achieve results only in teams. We attract people of the same philosophy to maintain our specific, strong culture. We deeply trust each other on a professional and personal level. We put our customers’ needs first and strive to delight them at every interaction or touchpoint.

Personal & Professional Trust & Respect

Respect for all people, employees, contractors, partners, clients

– Achievement of goals through positive reinforcement, development

Service Delivery Excellence

– Improving professional and technical skills faster than the market

– Continuous improvement in Product Quality and Customer Service

– Seeking constructive solutions during crisis management

Passion for Innovation

– Elevating work productivity through open communication of goals

– Seeking new, creative solutions that improve our clients’ results.

– Investing in the latest tech solutions that benefit our customers

Responsibility for Results & Honesty

Proactive identification of clients’ current or future needs

Innovative solutions

Fair play at work

On-time delivery on promises

Full responsibility for the end-results

Total transparency in all undertakings

Why Adanto?

With today’s business challenges and technology complexities, many organizations choose to work with a trusted development ally to harness the full potential of trending new technologies. Adanto is such an ally. We help clients design and deliver custom software applications, speeding time to market and improving the quality, usability, and agility of IT systems. In an effective and predictable manner, we help to support .Net/C#, Java or open-source development initiatives with a proven methodology, tools, and architectures that support traditional waterfall and newer agile development approaches as well as automated and streamlined delivery.

Innovation with CASM skills and resources

Leveraging our world-class software professionals and rich knowledge base, we drive innovation with skills and methodologies in emerging CASM technologies such as cloud, analytics, social, and mobile.

Adanto helps global enterprises become effective digital IT-enabled businesses by combining the world-renown programming skills of Polish engineers and ISO-compliant project and quality management processes with deep knowledge of trending CASM technologies.

Flexible and honest pro-active engagement

For the last 11 years, our technology subject matter experts have delivered cutting-edge digital innovation for many clients in Europe and now in the US. Adanto is very adaptive and responsive to the challenging realities present in many customer engagements. In addition, Adanto as a trusted business advisor and adaptable technical innovation partner always proactively engages our clients to ensure long-term business benefit.

Industrial-strength assets and methods

Tested comprehensively for their effectiveness in reducing cost and time to market, our tools and templates, and delivery methods are about assuring quality from the get-go.

Our distributed agile and custom development methodologies increase efficiency and repeatability in the development while reducing client risk. It also helps to reduce cost, increase productivity, and improve the quality and consistency of delivery.

Global leverage

The Adanto Global Delivery Network helps clients drive innovation – and reduce cost – with an optimal mix of resources. Emphasizing industry-focused solutions, and addressing complex implementation and integration challenges, Adanto’s overall network encompasses resources from the US, Poland, where the resource skill and quality have been found to rival those of the Silicon Valley engineers in California at substantially lower delivery costs.

Adanto Alliance ecosystem

Adanto’s network of alliance partners provides our clients with high-quality, specialized skills, tailored solutions, early access to new technologies, and accelerated business innovation. Our policy of vendor independence provides our clients with an objective, trusted source for vendor insights and recommendations.