SAP BusinessObjects Data Analytics, Visualizations & Reporting

Robert Half

Adanto provides financial planning and reporting tools for the global finance department of a large Silicon Valley professional placement and consulting enterprise.

Through multiple deployments of complex SAP BusinessObjects Universes, Adanto enabled easy access to all necessary financial data, for custom report creation that became essential in the process of optimizing the entire business and improving its efficiency and competitiveness. which helps optimize its performance and directly improves its bottom-line results.


Robert Half IT has had issues with understanding its spent, departmental performance, and SLA that resulted in inaccurate forecasting, budget under, and overruns. The company has requested Adanto to help implement a new ERP systemDeltek’s Maconomy and create an enterprise data analytics, visualization, and reporting platform based on SAP Business Objects Universes.


SAP BusinessObjects Portfolio is a set of tools that give you a better insight into your organization’s performance and optimize your performance and improve your results. These applications give people access to reliable, consistent, and complete data with just a few mouse clicks. Data can then be arbitrarily compiled and analyzed, and the results of these analyzes – presented in many different graphical forms. As a result, the interdependence between information – even if they do not seem obvious – is understandable.  SAP BusinessObjects products, which allow you to quickly access all the necessary data, are essential in the process of optimizing your business and improving its efficiency and competitiveness.

The SAP BusinessObjects portfolio includes Business Intelligence (BIP), Enterprise Information Management (IM) and Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) toolsets, and Corporate Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) solutions that help businesses and organizations achieve good results.

Key Features:
• Reporting engine with external websites and complex graphics representation
• Strict, manageable security for intranet and the internet
• Extended permissions almost on a single cell level
• Extended event and user action logging

5 worlds of objects /universes (Business Objects Universe)
200+ financial and management reports
20+ key performance indicators

Services performed

Data Analytics & Business Intelligence

Software Applications

Custom Application Development

Deltek Maconomy

Key goals

Replace the entire financial system ERP with the new one – Deltek Maconomy

Improved data access permissions for users

Improved IT & business process performance measurement and real-time reporting.

Better UX and intuitive web user interface

Technologies used

• Deltek Maconomy

• SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence


• Oracle, SQL Server



• Java


The purpose of the project was to implement a new financial Enterprise Resource Planning called Maconomy (a financial management solution that provides deep insight into the profitability of a business, project, or client). In addition, there were several universes of objects created, and based on those universes reports were generated for business users.