Cross-project integration



There was a need for consulting and architecture work over integration for several projects build in AWS environment. Projects were implemented using different programming languages, by different teams. They were developed and deployed on the production separately. But in overall they are connected with each in several ways:

  • Using the same shared services
  • Using the same data source (database, structured files)
  • Using the same infrastructure
  • Using the same security policy/roles

There were also new projects under implementation. Those new project or new requirements could change used and shared API’s, data structure or shift some changes in the infrastructure. If those changes will have any impact on the other projects it should be detected during the implementation by this platform.

Usługi wykonane



Digital Engagement

Aplikacje internetowe i mobilne

Tworzenie aplikacji niestandardowych

Platformy bankowe

Metody Płatności


Makonomia Deltek

Adobe Magento

Kluczowe cele

Raise warning when new projects or changes will affect functionality of other project

Obniżenie liczby błędów na etapie wdrożenia projektów dzięki automatycznym testom,

Obniżenie kosztów rozwoju i testów dzięki testom automatycznym,

Eliminate risk of errors caused by the new projects deployed to the production environment

Kluczowe cechy

Zastosowane technologie

  • AWS AMI (Amazon Machine Images),
  • AWS EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud),
  • AWS S3 (Simple Warehousing Service),
  • AWS CloudFormation,
  • AWS Cloudwatch,
  • AWS CLI (Command Line Interface),
  • Jenkins Continuous Integration,
  • Sonarqube,
  • Maven,
  • Nexus,
  • HashiCorp Packer,
  • Bash scripting,
  • PowerShell,
  • Chef (Infrastructure Automation),RabbitMQ,
  • HA Cluster,
  • Angular,Python,
  • Java, NodeJS, Drupal, Unix,
  • Git, Bitbucket, SVN,
  • Slack – powiadomienie o błędzie dla skonfigurowanych grup,