Enterprise Marketing Automation

Robert Half

Adanto provides a marketing automation service based on AWS architecture and Oracle Eloqua Marketing Cloud capabilities that deliver email alerts to all registered service subscribers with the most accurate information about the most recent, available job openings that precisely match their skills.


Adanto has previously delivered to Robert Half an NLP (Natural Language Processing) data science algorithmbased Leads Driver Service that generated a prioritized skill-based “top 5” job matching list to each interested job candidate registered in the Oracle Eloqua Marketing Cloud.

Robert Half has requested that in addition, Adanto delivers Enterprise Marketing Automation Solution that automatically alerts all registered service subscribers about the job match that currently exists in the system.

The Environment

The purpose of this project is to provide most accurate and updated information about available job openings for the users based on the information that they provided during the subscription using multilingual email templates.

The Challenges

  • Attract new candidates from the market
  • Create more leads by matching the possible users /candidates with open job orders

Services performed

Data Warehousing

Custom Application Development

Digital Engagement

Web & Mobile Apps

Software Applications



Infrastructure Services

Amazon Cloud

Key goals

Attract new job seekers to the service and keep registered users engaged with Robert Half’s job openings

Create more leads and automate email alerts sent to all registered users

Sent only relevant information that best match candidate skill-set

utilize AWS & as an overriding architecture for the entire solution that utilized the Eloqua cloud.


  • Multilingual web page with job search engine available public
    • 16 countries
    • 19 different languages
  • Multilingual email templates for subscription and job opening information
  • Automated workflow based on AWS cloud environment to process user subscription
  • Scheduled email campaign that sends emails to users build on Oracle Eloqua Marketing Cloud Service

Technologies used

  • Java
  • Jenkins
  • Kibana
  • Kibana
  • Drupal
  • Amazon Web Services: SQS, SNS, S3 Bucket, RDS, AWS KMS
  • Docker