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Industry Solutions

Adanto Software provides innovative software-based solutions targetting specific industries. Leveraging deep industry and process knowledge, Adanto Software Solutions combines Adanto Technology with specific Industry acumen to develop solutions that enable organizations to meet their business goals. The relentless customer focus and segment experience allows Adanto professionals to stay ahead of constantly evolving business needs, industry evolutions, even game-changing transformations.

Adanto Software helps companies achieve business results faster and at a lower cost than its competition. Years of experience in helping clients solve their real business challenges, has made Adanto Software into a true customer-focused organization designed to deliver real business outcomes. With many Industry Business Consultants, each focused on specific market segment, Adanto can offer deep understanding of the problem at hand, design a solution for the particular need and then implement it at the costs that are substantially lower than current industry standard.

Combining unparalleled experience, comprehensive capabilities, Adanto works with their clients to help them accelerate performance of their digital businesses & R&D functions across the following industries:

Health Plans, Healthcare Providers, Public Health, Pharma, Medical Products

Adanto understands the importance of aligning Healthcare IT with Business Objectives. The top priority for healthcare providers is to give high quality patient care in a secure, reliable and cost effective manner. IT is critical in many aspects of Healthcare Industry. It is critical in improving healthcare processes and patient care by providing clinical staff with secure, local / remote access to clinical applications and vital practice management applications, in improving access security and compliance with HIPAA policies, in lowering costs & complexities of managing access to remote desktops and applications, in simplifying and optimizing the healthcare IT infrastructure with centralized application management, upgrades, installations, and patches, and ensuring disaster recovery and business continuity.

Adanto HLS Industry Solutions enable IT departments across the Healthcare & Life Sciences market segment to address a wide range of complex IT issues.