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About Adanto

Welcome to Adanto Software LLC – where Accelerating Enterprise IT or R&D Innovation is our daily passion!

Company Overview

Founded in 2003, Adanto is a global Enterprise IT & R&D Software Services company. For over a decade, Adanto professionals have been delivering flexible, agile and cost-optimized Adanto Services, cutting-edge, reliable and proven Adanto Technology, with Industry-specific Adanto Solutions - all with a singular goal to accelerate our clients’ Enterprise IT and R&D Software Innovation.

Over the years, Adanto’s relentless focus on customer satisfaction and its specific market segment experience allows our engineers, consultants and management to stay ahead of constantly evolving marketplace, hedge against transitional forces in specific segments, or prepare for outright game-changing transformations of entire industries.

Traditional IT and R&D
outsourcing model

Reading through recent CTOs and CIOs concerns (in Figure 1 below) about their experience with traditional off-shore service providers – a very large, IT Outsourcing companies differentiating themselves still to this day with a very low-cost, very low-skilled commodity services – you might want to rethink if this is a wise investment.

That traditional segment has not changed for over two decades. To this day, it has not improved its very questionable historical track record with majority of companies not delivering value at all. Despite its large populations the industry experiences significant shortages of qualified labor with minimum technical, communication and cultural skills required to perform basic job tasks*, and causing high attrition rate, galloping wage inflation, resulting in projects slips, quality misses, cost escalations and overall very unpredictable results.

In fact due to very poor productivity of hired individuals, in order to finish the project companies are forced to add many more workers, thus escalating costs beyond the agreed upon at the beginning. That low productivity of traditional ITO companies causes the advertised low-cost to be much higher than the Total Cost of Outsourcing (TCO) at the end.

Adanto Software -
a new way of providing value customers expect

Adanto Software Company, unlike the traditional, very large, IT Outsourcing enterprises provides expected, world-class “silicon-valley” technical skill of Adanto Engineers – we call Adantos, predictable results for each project at fixed, predictable and agreed to costs, in the progressive performance and outcome-based culture – we call the “Adanto Way” of a special company, where each individually picked engineering talent is measured on the extend of passion they exude in accelerating innovation on behalf of our clients every day.

Our customers’ success speaks volumes about the differentiating value we deliver to them, the level of quality, reliability and superiority of our Adanto Services that make the Adanto Software unique. With the relentless focus on Software Innovation provided via our R&D Services or utilization of our internally-patented “Acceleration advantage” in delivering transformative Technology and Industry Solutions via our IT Application Services to our global clients we know that the days of the traditional ITO providers are numbered.

Let’s write a new page of IT and R&D Innovation history together. Come join us for a fun ride.

Figure 1. CTO/CIO concerns about their experience with traditional offshore service providers

  • “53% of customers have not realized business value/return on investment from Offshore Outsourcing” CIO Magazine (Sep’11)
  • “When you send programming offshore, you are moving it 12 time zones over, to developers with very different native culture who usually speak English with less than full proficiency InfoWorld (Sep’10)
  • “Companies expressed frustration with the quality of work being provided, according to recent survey” Computer World UK (Mar’10)
  • Half of the IT pros…surveyed say that they have new concerns about Indian IT providers” InformationWeek (Jan’09)
  • “When compared to their beliefs a year ago, 58% of companies said, they were less of a believer in the idea that working with Indian IT outsourcers delivers value InformationWeek (Jan’09)
  • “Three surveys conducted across [India] in 2007 and 2008 have shown that three in ten job seekers make false claims on their CVs Hindustan Times (Jul’08)
  • “McKinsey & Co. estimates that just a quarter of India’s computer engineers had the language proficiency, cultural fit and practical skills The Wall Street Journal (Jun’07)

* Manpower: “In 70% Indian companies surveyed in 2011, only 10% of IT graduates were employable
KPMG: “There is 3.1M Software Engineering shortage in India due to poor education”)