accelerate IT

Technology Trends

Technology is now intertwined with nearly every aspect of business. Information technology is not only pervasive; it is fast becoming a primary driver of market differentiation, business growth, and profitability. Software is absolutely integral to how we currently run our businesses as well as how we reimagine our businesses as the world continues to change—how we redesign and produce things, how we create and manage new commercial transactions, how we begin to collaborate at unprecedented levels internally and with customers and suppliers. In the new world, our digital efforts will be key to how we innovate and expand our business.

Businesses need to rethink their digital strategies to move beyond e-commerce and marketing. Although mobile technology, social networks, and context-based services have increased the number of digital connections with consumers, most companies are still just creating more detailed views of consumers, consumer attributes, and transactions. Individually, these connections may represent new types of user experiences, even new sets of sales channels—but that’s not the real opportunity. Taken in aggregate, digital business represents a key new approach to consumer engagement and loyalty: companies can manage relationships with consumers at scale.

Mobile, social, cloud and analytics are radically changing our clients' business – and these technologies are enabling a new client agenda – Front Office Transformation.

Beyond the Cloud Computing

No vision would be complete without commenting on the cloud. However, cloud computing is no longer an emerging trend. The on-demand, elastic technology needs to be considered in all decisions made today; the key question is not “should we use cloud?” but “how can we use cloud?” More than that: cloud isn’t a single concept. Its individual elements—from IaaS to SaaS to PaaS, from public to private—are as distinct and different from one another as the opportunities for enterprises to use them. So the real “trend” is a shift in focus to the next phase: putting cloud to work and crafting an overarching approach that weaves cloud capabilities into the fabric of the enterprise—with business value uppermost in mind.