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Technology Tools & Solutions

Adanto Software combines our extensive technology experience and software programming methods to engineer differentiated software solutions that help our clients lower implementation risk, accelerate innovation that ultimately result in measurable business benefits. Well-architected and functionally rich Adanto Technology Solutions lie at the heart of our Services, making them much sought out by our clients. They are easy to implement and have low operating cost.

Most enterprises store business-critical data in a wide range of data stores and formats. Additional data may also be generated by legacy mainframe systems, plant machinery, or sensors; and of course as systems and organizations become more inter-connected, businesses increasingly rely on commercial or partner data that is consumed from data sources in the cloud.

Front-End/WEB GUI

Java/J2EE Platform

  • EJB - Enterprise Java Beans standardizes the program calls to the application server and standardizes the return calls.
  • JDBC - Java Database Connectivity
  • JNDI - Java Naming and Directory Interface
  • JMS - Java Message Service is a remote asynchronous communication to send messages to other objects. It is different from RMI (Remote Method Invocation) since the message is sent and forgotten
  • RMI - Remote Method Invocation
  • JTA - Java Transaction API
  • Javamail
  • Servlets - Provides interfaces or (API calls) to the CGI (Common Gateway Interface) which interfaces between the web client browser and the web server

Microsoft .NET/Web Solution Platform & DNA

  • Frameworks 2.0+
  • COM - Component Object Modules
  • DCOM - Distributed Component Object Modules
  • MTS - Microsoft Transaction Server
  • MSDTC - Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator
  • MSMQ - Microsoft Message Queue server
  • MSCS - Microsoft Clustering Technology

Microsoft .NET Servers

  • Microsoft Application Center 2010+
  • Microsoft BizTalk Server 2010+
  • Microsoft Commerce Server 2009+
  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2010+
  • Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2010+
  • Microsoft Host Integration Server 2010+
  • Microsoft Mobile Information Server 2010+
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2010+

Mobile technologies

  • Native applications & HTML5 for Android & Apple iOS
  • Pocket PC/Windows Mobile Edition
  • WML, WML Script, xHTML
  • SIM Toolkit, STK
  • GSM SMSC integration (UCP/EMI, CIMD, SMPP, Sema OIS)
  • SMS/MMS interfaces
  • Light databases for mobile equipments (Sybase, MS SQL)

WEB Technologies

  • Rich web client applications (AJAX)
  • Google MAPS
  • Google Search Appliance
  • JSP, Struts, Tiles, Portlets, Velocity
  • JSF, Tapestry, Wicket
  • ASP, .NET, Python
  • PHP, Python
  • JavaScript Libraries (e.g. Dojo, Prototype, ExtJS, JQuery)
  • Automation Web app test tools