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IT Application Services

Every company, every day relies on robust, agile “front-office” software applications to improve their top line - reach new customers, expand into new markets, and sell products and services. They also rely on robustness of their “back-office” software applications to improve their efficiencies, productivity and bottom line - maintain records, manage inventory, process analytics, and coordinate general administrative functions.

We help drive business innovation by integrating next generation technology into the enterprise IT landscape. We help transform business processes, maximize and extend the value of packaged applications. We aggregate cutting-edge applications to drive collaboration and commerce with customers. We enable secure IT operations. And with an effective global delivery model, we assure a total quality approach for applications and technology solutions anywhere in the world.

Adanto solutions are created and implemented by Adanto teams that have the skills, knowledge, assets, tools, and strategic expertise to meet any and all enterprise technology requirements and align these technologies to business strategy. Our goal is to facilitate a company’s confidence and agility in their market, with the tools to compete successfully, no matter how the business climate changes.

Adanto IT Application Services create specific edge that the organizations must have to win in the marketplace. Our services and underlying technologies offer exceptional value. These are:

Information Management Services at Adanto will help organizations address information challenges cost-effectively applying industry best practices and solution frameworks. Adanto offers variety of Information Management Services, including data warehousing, enterprise information portals, enterprise search, identity management, master data management, data quality management, customer data integration.

Enterprise Information Management (EIM) technologies and business solutions allow organizations to take full advantage of enterprise information to gain better business insight, capitalize on opportunities to positively impact the business, improve process velocity, reduce risks related to information governance, and protect sensitive information and intellectual property from internal leaks and external threats.

With growing volumes and a host of formats to manage and leverage, organizations need to bring structure to the unstructured. By doing so, they will be unleashing the power of information to drive faster decision making, improved agility, strong security policies, and an increased ability to both exploit the opportunities and control the risks of enterprise information.

Adanto provides solutions across the wide range of core EIM capabilities – sophisticated, secure, high-value, and cost-effective – onsite, via mobile devices, private cloud, or in the managing information, and using it to make critical business decisions, is a growing priority for businesses today. However, the increasing volume, complexity, and diversity of data across a typical enterprise, together with the demands of meeting compliance and regulatory requirements, can make the challenge of integrating data extremely daunting.

Adanto utilizes Microsoft’s Enterprise Integration Management (EIM) technologies, built on the foundation of Microsoft® SQL Server® 2012, provide a scalable, user-driven solution that empowers organizations to unlock the business value of their data.

Integrate Any Data

Most enterprises store business-critical data in a wide range of data stores and formats. Additional data may also be generated by legacy mainframe systems, plant machinery, or sensors; and of course as systems and organizations become more inter-connected, businesses increasingly rely on commercial or partner data that is consumed from data sources in the cloud.

At the heart of Microsoft’s EIM solution, SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) provides a powerful, extensible platform for integrating data from virtually any source. Built- in connectors for common data sources, such as SQL Server, Oracle, Teradata, DB2, SAP, XML and text files, Excel workbooks, and others can be easily combined with custom scripts and third-party components to bring together all of your data in a comprehensive extract, transform, and load (ETL) solution that powers business workflows or supports your data warehouse. Integration with the cloud through SQL Azure, the Azure data market, and Web Service connectivity extends your reach beyond on-premise data.

You can also integrate data from business workflows in Microsoft BizTalk® Server, and even capture real-time data from sensors and other complex event.