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IT Application Services

Every company, every day relies on robust, agile “front-office” software applications to improve their top line - reach new customers, expand into new markets, and sell products and services. They also rely on robustness of their “back-office” software applications to improve their efficiencies, productivity and bottom line - maintain records, manage inventory, process analytics, and coordinate general administrative functions.

We help drive business innovation by integrating next generation technology into the enterprise IT landscape. We help transform business processes, maximize and extend the value of packaged applications. We aggregate cutting-edge applications to drive collaboration and commerce with customers. We enable secure IT operations. And with an effective global delivery model, we assure a total quality approach for applications and technology solutions anywhere in the world.

Adanto solutions are created and implemented by Adanto teams that have the skills, knowledge, assets, tools, and strategic expertise to meet any and all enterprise technology requirements and align these technologies to business strategy. Our goal is to facilitate a company’s confidence and agility in their market, with the tools to compete successfully, no matter how the business climate changes.

Adanto IT Application Services create specific edge that the organizations must have to win in the marketplace. Our services and underlying technologies offer exceptional value. These are:

As organizations are increasingly looking for new ways to continually transform their offerings, improve their performance, quickly and easily develop and introduce new and unique approaches to conducting business, Adanto provides Custom Application Development Services, including mobile native app development, tailored business intelligence, data analytics, enterprise content management, collaboration and data management that offer the flexibility and stability to satisfy any enterprise unique business needs.

Adanto Custom Application Development Service offerings design modern solution architectures and accelerate the delivery of high quality, feature-rich, custom business applications. At Adanto we provide application consulting, custom application development, testing and quality assurance services. We develop high quality business applications that help you increase operational efficiency and sustain your competitive advantage.

We use agile methods to quickly build high quality business applications for standard technology platforms like Microsoft® .NET, Java, open source, mainframe z/OS. Our tools, processes and best practices streamline development and apply automation and accelerators that increase the productivity and quality of software development.

Adanto Custom Application Development Services accelerate the delivery of high quality business applications with fewer defects, less rework and lower cost. With broad technology skills across all major platforms and technologies, we develop software applications that cost you less to build and less to run over their lifetime.

Delivering high quality, feature-rich business applications

Adanto Custom Applications Development service offerings cover key application lifecycle management practices. Those include requirements management, build and release management, project management and quality management, functional quality, performance and security, and configuration management. We bring the industry leading software tools and processes to manage the architecture, design, development, testing, and release of application software. And we leverage our global network of applications development and testing professionals and centers of excellence.

We help you navigate the technology landscape with the right application architecture, development practices and quality management processes. We bring the right skills, with the right business process knowledge, in the right place, at the right time. You take advantage of what you have today and enrich the end-user experience with rich internet applications and services. The result is increased business efficiency and customer loyalty.

Our strength and experience spans a broad range of technologies, platforms and industries; have vast global resources at our command; use industry-aligned methodologies, tools and processes; and harness the best ideas, practices and solutions for your benefit.

Our goal is to build a steady and enduring professional relationship that grows in value over time. Meanwhile, your development and project initiation costs will decrease, freeing resources for more strategic investments. Trust Adanto to turn application development into your strategic advantage!

Creating a competitive edge – The Agile Way

Applications help differentiate your business and drive efficiency into your operations. Feature-rich internet applications and technologies have raised customer expectations, which have raised the bar for business; and for visually rich, secure, context-aware applications to drive customers to your business and give you a critical edge in the marketplace. The Adanto agile ecosystem sets the Agile Application Architecture as the foundation for Agile Applications Development to quickly build and assemble application components for critical business process improvements.

We develop custom applications (.Net, Java, Open Source, Mainframe and Mobile) that are in line with your business needs, to enrich the user experience and improve efficiency. We build and assemble components using agile methods to adapt quickly to changing business conditions. And we build in quality from the start, validating requirements to identify defects early and avoid unnecessary and costly rework.